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Samsung ICR18650-20 18650 Lithium Ion Cells, 2000mAh Rated

Samsung ICR18650-20 18650 Lithium Ion Cells, 2000mAh Rated

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These used Samsung 18650 lithium ion batteries were pulled from laptops and other low-drain devices. They are rated at 2000mAh. All of these cells have a capacity above 75% of rated capacity.

Typical part numbers include:

  • ICR18650-20
  • ICR18650-20B
  • ICR18650-20C
  • ICR18650-20F


These are used cells. They were charged to 4.2v, left to sit for at least one week, then discharge tested at 500mA. We may wrap cells in new heat shrink if the original wrapping was significantly damaged. These may still be delivered with adhesive or tape still attached, or damaged heat shrink. Check out or selection of pre-cut heat shrink and adhesive rings to customize your build.



*Our charger/testers have a range of 2.8 - 4.2v; we find that manufacturers often specify a greater range (2.5 - 4.35v, for example), especially on higher-capacity cells. We make slight adjustments for 'effective capacity' to account for this. Capacity is written on each cell.